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Color Highlighting The editor provides color syntax highlighting for compiler keywords,comments, preprocessors, string, numbers, symbols, block matches and more.The colors can be configured, or turned off entirely, by using the 'IDE Options' in the 'Options' menu.If you still fail to view PDFs with Foxit Reader in your browser, please follow the steps below to configure Mozilla Firefox or Goolge Chrome. Find "Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla" and select Enable to active it. Mozilla Firefox Configuration 1) Open Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools Plugins.Context Sensitive Help The IDE provides instant help on any item by pressing F1.For example, placing the editor cursor on an output_high() function and pressing F1 will open the compiler manual on the output_high() function.

Identifier Tooltips By hovering the mouse over an identifier or keyword (such as a variable, function name or constant) the IDE will provide a tooltip with information on that identifier.

If the debugger is running and the mouse is hovering over a variable, the debugger will display the variable's current value in the tooltip.

Code Folding The editor has the ability to fold (collapse or expand) certain blocks of code into one line.

When used after a class dereference ('.' or '-') the assistance will show all valid items in that class.

Brace Matching When the edit cursor is on a brace ('', ')', '(', '[' or ']') the editor will highlight both braces.

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2) Disable other PDF plugins (such as Adobe Acrobat and Zeon) by selecting Disable beside the relevant plugin. Continuously disabling multiple plugins may not be supported in some versions of Mozilla Firefox.

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