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Follow me on Twitter, on Instagram, or email me at [email protected] the popularity of dating websites and services steadily on the rise, it's surprising that roughly 50% of American adults are single. His air of mystery intrigues you and keeps you trying to figure him out.But just because somebody wants a relationship doesn’t mean they’re going to shack up with the first human who also wants a relationship. That’s not how it works..” It’s like having someone say “I want cake,” and then you hand them over a coconut cake.Somebody out there will be stoked on that particular cake.How cool and mature was it that we were talking about this? But, of course, the same things that happened with every other man I’ve dated would happen with these men, too.

Taken from my own personal experiences and numerous coaching sessions with my clients, I've compiled a list of 4 of these "types" of men to avoid dating and how to recognize them quickly! He's unpredictable and vague about the details of his life.

However, it really is for a moment because he's only into you when he's with you. Jealous At first you're flattered by all of the attention he gives you.

He guards his phone with his life and when you're together it's either ringing off the hook or completely out of sight. He wants to see you every day and every night if he can.

He answers questions with questions, avoids meaningful conversations and getting anything beyond basic info from him is like pulling teeth.

Men who are super secretive aren't always hiding something major, but they do tend to not be the greatest communicators.

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