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They’ve always been on the cutting edge of culture.They’re so much more than their music.”The Rolling Stones’ “Exhibitionism” opens Nov.They sought out the biggest artists of their day, like Andy Warhol and Martin Scorsese.But they also challenged many of them to go outside their usual medium, like asking photographer Robert Frank to create what would become the first and most iconic backstage concert film, Cocksucker Blues, and painter-sculptor Jeff Koons to design a stage backdrop.

“A lot of groups that have been around for that long are almost cover bands of themselves; not the Stones.

“Every area of culture they touched on, they collaborated with artists of the zeitgeist that really netted these amazing pieces,” says Gallagher.

Perhaps those collaborations are why the Stones endure — they’re on tour now, with no murmurs of farewells.

RELATED: The surprising history of Chinese food in America Curating the show fell to Ileen Gallagher, who has a unique qualification for the job. To that end, she knows the Stones are the best people to tell their own story.

“I tried to make it as first-person as possible, so the band is really taking you through the exhibit,” Gallagher says, with about 90 percent of the words and videos in the exhibit coming straight from them.

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They started out, really, as a blues cover band, playing music by Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed.” It definitely wasn’t mainstream music, even in America, and bringing it — and black artists — to the stage did a lot to popularize the genre and its original performers.

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