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All the parts needed for installation were included-I didn't have to make any trips to the local big box store.Thanks-and I will be recommending APEC to my friends.I'm a 39 yr old male with no plumbing experience and I took my time and had it done in a couple hours. We are on a private, one-party well on the edge of a wetland. We've never been able to drink the water at our home and after 4 years of buying water were getting very tired of trips to the grocery to buy RO water from a machine in 5 gallon containers.Every part is clearly labeled and the water tester provided was appreciated. A repairman out to fix our washer told us about your product; after researching and reading the reviews we ordered the RO-PERM system. I got the clear cylinder for the filter and higher flow valve and the upgraded fixture. Great sales team who was very helpful in talking through what you may need. It took me about 2 hours today run the water lines under the house from the kitchen to the garage and connect them.

I couldn't do it myself, too many orthopedic problems. Of course, I'd have to go back and check the change in water usage and factor that into picture. This was clearly the answer, but the cost (and the pain of hauling 12 or so gallon jugs home each week) made me look for an alternative, which is how I came across APEC. In addition, using RO water has made my coffee taste drastically better.I ended up removing the system and we went about a year without RO water.After a year we were ready for good clear clean water again.I mean color photos, step by step directions and everything connects so easily.It is without a doubt the easiest thing I have ever had to put together.

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Instead I store the filtered water in glass bottles in the fridge and refill my reusable containers / bladders when I go out.

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