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For example, if my wife thinks about or flirts with another man ... However, if she has multiple sexual encounters, that could not easily be forgiven, if at all, and would never be forgotten. It's not so easy to just ask, "What is and what is not infidelity?

" Perhaps the question is, "What is the line of infidelity crossed at which point your relationship would not likely be restored?

Stories have been with us since the dawn of human history, and you can bet they’ll stick around till the dusk of human history. 🙂 But the way stories are shared and soaked up—that is, the storytelling format itself—is always changing as humans find new ways to create and relate.

An app called Hooked presents us with a fresh format that’s captured the attention of millions of readers. On Hooked, stories appear as text message conversations between two or more characters.

Completion rates were low, usually around 5–15%, even though these were short 5-minute excerpts from the hottest sellers. Why not ditch the mobile reader format for something different and see what happens? 🙂 Hooked is free to use, but after a bit of reading you’ll run into a paywall: In Hookedspeak, a “hoot” is a single text message in the story flow.

So they tested the novels with a text message format. Once you’ve tapped your way through your allotted hoots/messages, you have to either patiently wait for them to “recharge” … Click Speed Up Time to go to the payment screen and upgrade: Once you’re a paying Superhoot, you can read as much as you like! 😉 Hooked is popular in part because text messaging itself is so popular.

"Drawing the line at sex was the second most popular choice, but it only got 20% overall."Kissing, per se, is meaningless," wrote Michael Wilson.

Indeed, other forms of touch like kissing (13%) and hugging (less than 1%) were picked even less often. We also heard from a few readers about fantasizing, which garnered the most comments but only 8% of the survey votes.

It has no bearing in reality or [email protected] T What world are you living in?My wife came back from going out with a friend to hear music at a club almost a year ago.Her friend left her drunk at the club under the care of her friends,(not my wife's friends, who did nothing to keep her from doing something stupid.There’s also a “popular” category for works like Hooked was built by Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia, the wife-and-husband tech entrepreneurs behind successful music apps like Khush and Songify.It was their own frustrated effort to write a sci-fi fantasy novel during a downsize-and-simplify spree that led them to try A/B testing on … Recognizing that stories are here to stay, but the way people consume them is changing, Gupta and Chordia set up a mobile reader to test how people engaged with the first 1,000 words of the top 50 young adult novels.

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In her drunkenness, my wife let a guy pick her up and came home at am with the guy's stuff inside of her. When trust goes, the relationship is seriously damaged. I think it is largely dependent on the point of view of the two people in the relationship.

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