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According to IDW comics artist Andy Price, Equestria Girls The movie opens in the Crystal Empire, with Twilight Sparkle, Spike and their friends disembarking the train at the station and heading to the Crystal Castle to attend Twilight's first princess summit since her coronation.Twilight is both nervous and excited (or "nervicited", as Pinkie puts it) about the summit and feeling self-conscious about wearing her crown, but her friends are supportive as expected, believing her new status as princess should be embraced.July 28, 2013 (Malaysia, NTV7)August 3, 2013 (Germany)August 15, 2013 (Latin America, Mexico) (Premiere)August 23, 2013 (Latin America, Panama) August 24, 2013 (Australia) August 30, 2013 (New Zealand)August 30, 2013 (Latin America, Guatemala)August 31, 2013 (Latin America Cinépolis Mexico, Cyne Hoyts Chile)September 1, 2013 (Hub Network)September 5, 2013 (Latin America, Cinemark Peru)September 13, 2013 (Latin America, Cine Colombia Colombia)September 14, 2013 (Poland, tele TOON )September 15, 2013 (Latin America, only Discovery Kids Argentina)September 22, 2013 (Canada, YTV)September 22, 2013 (Italy, Cartoonito)September 22, 2013 (Finland, 4Nappula)September 29, 2013 (Hungary, Minimax)October 6, 2013 (Brazil, Discovery Kids)October 13, 2013 (Latin America, Discovery Kids)October 19, 2013 (Spain, Disney Channel)November 23, 2013 (United Kingdom, POP)January 5, 2014 (Russia/CIS/Worldwide, Carousel/Carousel International)January 12, 2014 (Ukraine, Plus Plus)March 3, 2014 (Greece, Star Channel)March 4, 2014 (Portugal, Canal Panda)April 19, 2014 (Taiwan, Yo Yo TV)April 27, 2014 (Mexico, Canal 5)June 1, 2014 (Romania, Prima TV)November 29, 2014 (Germany, Disney Channel)September 1, 2015 (Latin America, Colombia, DVD Release) October 6, 2015 (Japan, Netflix)January 6, 2016 (South Korea, Netflix) is an animated feature film starring characters resembling the main cast of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as teenage human girls.Princess Twilight Sparkle's crown, the element of magic, is stolen by Sunset Shimmer who disappears into a mirror that leads into the human world.

Celestia takes notice of how tired Twilight and her friends look from their trip and sends the seven of them off to bed.

For one, Twilight must go alone, as sending her with all of her friends could upset the balance of the other world and complicate her mission further.

What's more is that the gateway will only be open for another three days.

They at least know what his current form is, because what is even more alarming is the fact Twilight herself is now a creature they are completely unfamiliar with: a human teenager.

The two find themselves outside what appears to be a castle, and immediately begin their search for Twilight's crown.

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