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The DOT guys unlocked its only door, revealing a normal-looking stairway that, despite our elevation above the Mississippi River, gave me no pause.When we hit the last step, it was like we had climbed onto a helicopter and found the space of a cargo ship inside.Two things struck me immediately: It was much warmer than I had expected, given the outdoor temperature lingered at freezing.And the traffic noise above us was so muted, it had no effect on our conversations.

Besides inspecting it, he took care of it — from painting piers and oiling joints to shoveling by hand the sand/salt mix that collected against the bridge curbs in the winter."I tried so many angles to get that thing opened up," Bailey said of the walk-in vault that once held the toll-takers' deposits.

My first surprise came as we turned onto the plaza. I'd been paying extra-close attention to the plaza as I crossed the bridge for the month prior to our tour, but it's impossible to accurately gauge its size while driving past.

More obvious is the little building on the plaza, which resembles a bus stop.

The remaining plaza and downstairs offices are the only things connecting the twins.

The two offices are nearly identical and are joined by a hallway with windows on either side.

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