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is still Griffin’s best-selling album, but her career and her influence can’t be measured in Sound Scan numbers.As a live act, she draws thousands in major markets, hundreds in smaller ones.I used all my paint.” And over the course of the tour, the two became a couple., a World War II veteran, high school science teacher, and father of seven.Griffin describes him as a “rough-and-tumble” Boston Irish Catholic, although he also spent time in a Trappist monastery in Virginia.Songs like “Go Wherever You Want to Go” (written while her father was dying), “Irish Boy,” and the album-closing “Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone” are obviously direct tributes.

’ He said, ‘That’s Robert Plant.’ I said, ‘What does he look like now?“I’m not going to lie, Robert was one of my vocal inspirations early on.I got to sing in so many styles singing with him [on tour].Before showtime on this particular night, many patrons kept an eye on the pool room tucked just behind the stage, where you could see an unmistakable blond mane poking out from a chauffeur’s cap.But despite all the paparazzi-like behavior on display, perhaps the most extraordinary part of the evening was the solo set Griffin opened with, which compelled every one of those 200 people to stand rapt, in pin-drop silence.

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“I wanted it to sound simple and maybe a little gritty, because if you dress a song up too much, it can distance it from the source,” she says.

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