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Evidence such as archaeological finds, carbon dating, and DNA has corroborated certain elements contained in African myths, legends, and narratives.

Over the years African traditional religions have increased and diminished in regional importance according to social and political changes.

By the 1700s Islam had diversified and grown popular.

RELIGION AS A PERCENTAGE OF WORLD POPULATION: 1.3 percent Africa, the place of origin of all humankind, is divided into numerous political and cultural regions, reflecting its diverse range of histories, ethnicities, languages, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

Spirits may be divided into human spirits and nature spirits. Individuals who have died, usually ancestors in particular lineages, are the human spirits.

These spirits play a role in community affairs and ensure a link between each clan and the spirit world.

Because they date back to prehistoric times, little has been written about their history.

These religions have evolved and spread slowly for millennia; stories about gods, spirits, and ancestors have passed from one generation to another in oral mythology.

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