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We’re right around the corner from a great butcher (JW Smyth), a newsagent, three pharmacies, and a Super Valu.

There’s also an auto-repair shop within walking distance and the DART station is just up the road. I am in LOVE with my new gym, which is just around the corner from our place.

There’s also a beauty salon next door (hence the Beauty part of its name) that does everything from waxing to facials.

MM and I also spend far too much time at Mulino’s, a little Italian bistro on our street.

And then one day MM slipped in another neighborhood on our search list: Raheny. Sounded nice enough, but I was exhausted from trying to educate myself on the 6-8 areas we’d already chosen and wasn’t keen to add another to my to-do list.And then a couple of months ago we moved into a bigger apartment, a place that we can truly call our own.We spent several weeks looking around at various Dublin neighborhoods, which I will admit was quite frustrating for me as I was still unfamiliar with many areas of the city.However a week later the most beautiful apartment came up in Raheny, and within minutes of viewing it I breathlessly rang MM and told him he had to view it as soon as he was off work.I literally left the viewing, collected him from work and drove him right back to the residence (the letting agent actually waited in the apartment the whole time).

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