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“It could serve as a guiding concept for Turkish judicial organs in making better judgments vis-a-vis women, who are often victims of violence in our society,” he said.Women's rights activists have rallied behind Dogan, calling for her acquittal and insisting that self-defense is a legitimate right.

Led away by police in handcuffs, the young woman gave two thumbs up to reporters and shouted, “Why should women always die!The court that tried Dogan similarly dismissed her argument on the grounds that she had no criminal record of actual prostitution.Moreover, the prosecutor argued that the murder could not be considered an act of self-defense because Dogan had continued to live with her husband and did not resort to such means of protection as changing her identity and having plastic surgery to change her appearance.The number of protection orders was ultimately revealed to stand at nine.The last straw came in July, when Dogan's husband beat her when she refused to follow him to the resort town of Antalya to engage in prostitution.

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The T-shirt Dogan happened to be wearing on the day of her arrest has become a symbol in the struggle for women’s rights.

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