Matters of life and dating 2016 tvrip

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Want to view a highlight reel of the family vacation in the comfort of your living room?

Best wishes to you all for Christmas, see you next year 😊One of the highlights of this year was seeing you guys in Paris. Xxx Happy to see you in Paris (Elysée Montmartre & Zénith 😉) Solo piano concert with H in la Maroquinerie... and 2018 will be great with your concert on august in Rock au Château... and Merci Beaucoup Marillion ❤🎸🎤🗼Thank you, H, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steven for being the best band in the world!!!! Merry Christmas to you all and as for the Royal Albert Hall I think most of us that were there are still coming down also, it was an amazing evening and I can’t recall such a fabulous Atmosphere at any other show I have been to by any other group.

A fabulous gig and we got to meet the amazing and extremely friendly French fans! proud to discuss two minuts and take a photo with him... ❤ Oh, and not forget you, Lucy and Stephanie, for the tremendous work that you've done!! You all truly deserve the success you are enjoying at the moment.

Looking forward to the release of the RAH on DVD.🌲🥂6 shoes attended in 2017 (incl.

RAH) Mind and heart still blown..looking forward to all your planned releases, more concerts, next album (in a while😀) thanks for doing what you do in this crazy but thankfully also wonderful world! I'm glad that there will be a new album within the next 5 years!

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