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These effects were particularly pronounced in men, who showed lower self-esteem than the women who used Tinder, though the women who used tinder also indicated lower self-esteem on average.None of this is to say that users of Tinder don’t get any benefit out of it.Frequent users of Tinder reported that they were less satisfied with their bodies and looks, and in general had less perceived self-worth.The researchers asked 1300 students like “How satisfied are you with your thighs?It isn’t only Tinder that uses psychological tricks to encourage the continued use of its platform.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more all use methods of design that exploit our addictive habits and desires for reward stimulation.

Frequently slot machines, video games, and apps like Tinder are designed so that the reward comes almost randomly, but it feels as if it responds to our actions in a limited way.

Since its initial release five years ago the online dating mobile app Tinder has become extraordinarily popular, with an estimated 50 million monthly users.

People use the app to find both potential partners and casual hookups, and as such it has become the single most downloaded lifestyle app in the country for the past two years.

This means that men spend more time with platforms that enable quick, low-investment methods of pursuing mates. Women seem to be more discerning with their swipes, as the average matching rate for a woman is 10.5% while the average matching rate for a man is 0.6%, even if both are of similar attractiveness.

The constant addictive use of Tinder could be having negative effects on self-esteem, at least according to a recent study.

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