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Allongée sur le côté, vous devez plier une jambe et tendre de l'autre.

Votre chéri doit se placer derrière vous, vous enlacer sur le côté et maintenir votre jambe allongée entre les siennes.

Any ten adults can voluntarily form an association and get it registered with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

Ø Open Membership: Persons having common interest can form a co-operative society.

Les deux partenaires doivent être tournés l'un vers l'autre.

Ø Problems in Management: Generally it is seen that co-operative societies do not function efficiently due to lack of managerial talent.

The members or their elected representatives are not experienced enough to manage the society.

Ø Elimination of Middlemen’s Profit: Through co-operatives the members or consumers control their own supplies and thus, middlemen’s profit is eliminated.

Ø State Assistance: Both Central and State governments provide all kinds of help to the societies.

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