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This message felt pretty indirect, and even a bit patronizing.I wanted to mention it since I support your work and thought it might be useful feedback to have for future rejection letters.Start looking for signs of what is working rather than just signs of what's going wrong.

She was a budding author and had completed six novels, but fear of knockback had, until now, prevented her from ever submitting of her work.

This may sound strange, but it had a powerful impact on the way Kelly felt about those old school times and helped her 'move on' from them.

Trying to think differently is a small part of actually changing. Hypnosis can work directly with how people feel when they experience situations and therefore bypass the impracticalities of trying to change someone's thought processes when they are highly emotional.

Or get a flavour of this now by clicking on this free audio session.

People who never learn to question their assumptions (however emotionally clouded they were when they jumped at them) make life harder.

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  1. You can imagine the grounded people that lurk on there. Verdict: Aside the obviously Dickensian classism all over the site, it also has an understandably odd mixture of trust fund brats and retired divorcees.