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I was actually with David at the Geffen when he ran into Keanu. Is there a day that you can go without taking any pills? Well, as you have said in the past, “Instant gratification takes too long.”That’s right. You and David Geffen are friends, and I know you don’t like to talk about other people, but I am asking: Is it true, as the blogs say, that he is dating actor Seann William Scott? That’s just the same as saying he married Keanu Reeves when they had never even met.A restaurant employee said Thursday it wasn’t clear when she might return to the job.But a former co-worker was stunned by word of the ambitious woman’s high-profile date.I’ll never forget going to meet your mother at the Essex House hotel and walking into her room, and she was steaming her clothes over an ironing board! She lives next door to me, to my compound, which I call “Kennecuntport.”And speaking of Kennecuntport, I found it very intriguing to learn that you had a very cute houseguest. Yes, he was here for about four months, and he ended up using my bathroom a lot because it has a piano in there and the acoustics are good.

No, but I will have to borrow it from George sometime when I am really depressed and I want to be even more depressed.

PHOTOS: A LOOK BACK AT TOM AND KATIE'S ROMANCE Scott and Jorge first met while she was working in the eatery, another source said.

“She works at a hot place where she gets to meet people,” the friend said.

She should be best friends with Courtney Love’s daughter. After an 11-month marriage to Paul Simon, all he left you with was one of his acoustic guitars. And Dan Aykroyd, with whom you got cold feet at the altar.

Courtney lived next door to us; Frances stayed over the other night.

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