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On the one-year anniversary of the vote, Nigel Farage said: “This time last year we dared to dream and then won an historic victory. ”Here is a look at what has happened so far and what happens next as Britain starts tough Brexit talks and prepares to leave the bloc.Prime Minister David Cameron announced the EU referendum date after securing a deal on Britain's membership of the EU in February.This would not be fair for Ireland and it would not be fair for the European Union.' The new paper from Brussels will raise fears the EU, with support from Dublin, want the UK-EU border effectively in the middle of the Irish Sea - leaving Northern Ireland on the wrong side of the line.A Government spokesman welcomed the EU commitment to ensuring an open border with no physical infrastructure., He said: 'We were clear on our position paper that the nature of the border means that an agreed, reciprocal solution must be found.'Unilateral UK flexibility will not be sufficient to meet our shared objectives, which is why we welcome the Commission's continued recognition of the need for flexible and imaginative solutions.'The UK looks forward to further engagement through the negotiating dialogue we have established with the Commission.'The UK position paper and this Commission position paper clearly provide a good basis on which to continue to make swift progress.'Among the documents are also demands for European delicacies like Parmesan cheese and Champagne to be given a protected status in British law after Brexit.And also remember to plug in to Queercore for a good musical, visual and political slap, and perhaps who knows, fill in a possible cultural or even historical gap (see focus Queercore).The Pink Screens is much more than a paper programme.

Mr Barnier said he could not allow the border to be used as a 'test case' for how those rules could be watered down in a future UK-EU trade deal.

To make safeguards for geographic food and drink specialities that have protections, such as parma ham, enforceable 'specific domestic legislation' may be needed The UK has warned it is EU single market rules that could force the re-creation of border posts and not British law.

Mr Davis said it was crucial to negotiate customs rules for trade between Britain and the EU after Brexit before nailing down how the Irish border will work.

Instead the papers say the onus to sort out the problem 'remains on the UK', according to documents seen by the Financial Times.'The present paper does not put forward solutions for the Irish border,' the papers state.'The onus to propose solutions which overcame the challenges created on the island of Ireland by the UK's withdrawal and its decision to leave the customs union and the internal market remains on the UK.'Brexit Secretary Mr Davis has insisted discussions with Brussels on border plans have been 'good' but the EU's chief negotiator Mr Barnier, said 'a lot more substantial work' needs to be done.

The EU paper calls for 'unique solutions' and floats the possibility of 'specific provisions' being included in the exit agreement to address the fact the peace process was underpinned by common EU law.

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