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I enjoyed the story and if you like erotic romance then I would suggest you read this story. I adored Nat's grandma, You never knew what was going to come out of her mouth next, and whatever it was, it always made me laugh!Natalie was a carbon copy of her grandma, and I loved her straight talking, take no BS attitude.While Geordie lad Alex insisted that he and his girlfriend are very much together, Montana told fans she had chosen to sleep in her man's t-shirt while battling with the new found distance between them.

She doesn't understand why since they didn't notice her at all in high school.Rough around the edges but really soft when you get to the inside. Natalie Bennington returns to Red Rock for family reasons. Natalie can't believe her luck, the high school hero she crushed on noticed her, squee!They wanted what everyone wants, to love and be loved. Her grandfather has passed away and her parents want her to convince her feisty grandma to leave her home and move to Oregon. Love Me Once, Love Me Twice hooked me from page one, when Nat talks to herself as she drives down the road. Kale, Cade's longtime BFF and partner in crime(and passion) joins in the fun, and the two men seem to fighting over her. I really connected with the characters in Love Me Once, Love Me Twice.But while there is sex in this book, I didn't see any romance.It did have a nice HEA ending but I couldn't believe the ending could actually happen with the stuff that went on earlier.

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