Slight of mouth in relationships and dating

Use these tricks to show you’re interested, relaxed and have a desire to get closer.Face: Natural laughter lights up the face and is a genuine sign of relaxation and lets the other person see you’re at ease in their company.Body language comes in many forms and often time it can be involuntary.Understanding the different components of our day-to-day body language can help us to be more aware and conscious of how we come across to others.

Face: Smiling is obviously key to coming across as friendly and approachable.

Not only does it help you as endorphins are released and stress reduced, it can also allow your vulnerabilities to show because your guard is dropped and this can make you more appealing.▲ Laughter rather than restricted smile enables your date to feel closer to you.

Eyes: Widening the eyes can convey interest and invites a positive response in the other person.

Women who widen their eyes become particularly attractive as it’s believed to be associated with the eye/face proportion of babies and elicits an urge to protect and offer love.

Gestures: When chatting with your date, lean forward slightly as this shows genuine interest.

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Dr Albert Mehrabian is a psychologist that created a breakdown of effective human communication: 7 percent spoken words, 38 percent tone of voice, and 55 percent body language.

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