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Sign up today, and we hope you find the guy or girl of your dreams! Lisa Caroselli is a Spiritual Dating Coach, offering tools and insights that change the dating game to work in your favor.A spiritual dating coach is different than a consultant.A consultant will give you specific advice and tell you what to do according to their particular formula or process. However, the goal of that process is to assist you in gaining access to your own guidance system.So even if you are using these tools, you would benefit from a coach who could assist you in aligning your dating habits with your inner guidance. Ideally, a spiritual dating coach should give minimal advice.Instead, their job is to see you as having your own guidance system, and to facilitate your access to it.

Another feature is a membership which provides extra exposure and keeps you from getting lost in the listings, for those who would really like to promote themselves and be easily seen by all the members.

A spiritual dating coach facilitates your clarity about relationship and love.

This clarity makes it easier for you to release anything unlike love without drama, thus creating an irresistible vacuum for the one who is right for you to walk into your life. However, through our work together, you will clarify your hopes and dreams and, most important, what you have to offer.

It will not necessarily increase the quality of those contacts. Many have expressed that meeting more people makes dating more of a chore than they originally thought.

Meet-ups or dating someone you’ve met online can often bring up fears that many people have about vulnerability and strangers.

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A spiritual dating coach approaches dating from the inside out.

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