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Good cause includes defaulting on an obligation to the Corporation to pay fees or dues for a period of thirty (30) days following delivery of notice of default, or a material and serious violation of the Corporation's articles of incorporation, bylaws, or rules, or of law.The Board may delegate powers to a regular or ad hoc committee to conduct a hearing, make recommendations to the Board, or take action on the Board's behalf.Primary conductors of college/university music organizations must submit documentation attesting to five years of teaching in the State of Texas in the areas of application (concert band, choir, orchestra and/or marching band).They must also submit three letters of recommendation from current TMAA members. adjudicate or be invited to adjudicate in at least two regions within the preceding five year period; orb.The Board has discretion to authorize using corporate funds for mediating or arbitrating a dispute described in this paragraph.2.06.The Board may impose reasonable sanctions on a member, or suspend or expel a member from the Corporation, for good cause after a hearing.A candidate may satisfy the adjudicator/clinician component by serving at least once as a conductor of an All-State group in the area(s) of application within the five years prior to the candidate’s application for membership.2. Active Members who have retired from positions in music education, music administration, or as professional musicians may continue their membership in TMAA, with the exception of those who pursue full time careers in areas that would be considered to be a conflict of interest. serve as a clinician-conductor of an All-State organization within the preceding five-year period.Retired Members shall conform to all other components required of Active Members.3. Adjudicators whose names appear on the list of Judges certified by the UIL at the time of adoption of the original TMAA constitution shall be known as Charter Members and have Active Member status subject to conforming to all other requirements for Active Memberships.4. Provisional Membership is earned by candidates who successfully complete components a-d of the requirements of Active Members and are awaiting the completion of the adjudicator/clinician component.

Workshop Component: A candidate must have completed a TMAA judging workshop in the performance areas (concert band, choir, orchestra and/ormarching band) in which he or she is applying to judge.d. Directors of public school music groups (grades 7-12): Lead or primary directors must have earned a Sweepstakes Award (Division I rating in Concert and Division I rating in Sight Reading) at Texas UIL music contests in each area of application (Band, Choir, Orchestra) and/or a Division I rating (Marching Band) in three of the five years preceding the date of the candidate’s application for membership.

Assistant or secondary directors of organizations who use the ratings of the groups to satisfy membership criteria must submit a letter of recommendation from the lead or primary director of the organization.

This letter should provide specific examples to verify the assistant director’s involvement in the preparation of the contest

Provisional Members pay annual dues and their names are listed on the TMEA website.

Provisional Memberships remain in effect for five years.

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