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We millennials have grown up bombarded by stimuli too varied to count.With satellite television, satellite radio, MP3 players, the Internet and cellular phones, silence is a rarity; and with communication technology always a reach or click away, loneliness can easily be masked.As time goes on and the friendship becomes more established, life more busy and work more burdensome, what once was natural and easy requires planning and intention.Maintaining a relationship, romantic or otherwise, requires effort.

I am not only a beginner in my second year, but at 23 I am young, which earns me the title “novice” twice over: I am also a novice at life.The Marthas look after the needs of the Marys by preparing the meals, planning the prayer and protecting the solitude of the Marys.Halfway through the experience the friars switch roles.To foster a healthy and meaningful relationship with someone, you must set aside time during which the other person is your focus and your presence to each other takes priority. With all the distractions of life and the pressures of work and society, it seems sometimes nearly impossible and often improbable that time can be made just to be and to be with another.The difficulty in finding time and space to be present to another seems to occur more frequently in a relationship that is taken for granted or in a complacent relationship that has been relegated to a lower status on one’s priority list.

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After serving my brothers in the role of Martha, my time came to go off to the hermitage, and I was left alone. Not long in the silence of solitude, I understood that I was not alone.

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